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Breeding Doe Show 2018

Date: Sept 01, 2018

Breeding Doe Show

Committee:Patrick Zapalac, Chad Tiemann, Levi Garlick and Jacob Garlick.

  1. Ownership: Exhibitors must have continuous ownership, possession and provide daily care for each doe entered in the show. There is no limit on the number of does that may be shown.
  2. Arrival: Saturday, September 2. Entry fee is $15 per head and is due at check in. Does will be weighed Saturday, September 2 morning by 10 a.m.
  3. Weight: Does will be weighed one time only and divided into weight classes There will be a minimum of 3 classes, but not to exceed 6 classes. Classes will be determined by the committee.
  4. Show Schedule: Show will begin after the Market Goat Show. Showmanship to follow. Goats will be released upon completion of the show. Showmanship will follow.
  5. Showmanship: The goat used for Showmanship show must be owned by the exhibitor’s immediate family and entered in the breeding doe show. Showmanship will be divided into three age groups. Pee Wee (7 years and younger) Junior (8-13 years of age) Senior (14-19 years of age)
  6. All ages will be determined as of September1, 2018.
  7. Prizes: 65% of gross fees as a minimum payout. Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and Senior and Junior Showmanship will receive buckles.
  8. Registration: Breeding does will NOT require registration papers in order to compete.
  9. Identification: An official USDA Scrapie Tag or permanent registered tattoo will be required on all does at the time of the show.
  10. Horns: Does DO NOT have to be dehorned or tipped.
  11. Shearing: Length of hair is left up to the discretion of the exhibitor.
  12. Grooming: No hair coloring of any type will be allowed to beused on any exhibitor.Added hair or other material, natural or man-made may not be used in the grooming of an exhibit. Any attempt to change the composition or appearance of any goat in an unnatural manner will result in disqualification. Trim stands will be allowed in designated areas, however full clipping should be done before arriving on the fairgrounds. Touch-ups with cordless clippers will be allowed.
  13. Bracing: There will be no bracing of does. Does must have all four feet on the ground. Does may be shown with a collar or chain. The judge may ask the does to be released in the pen to see them move in their natural state.
  14. Teeth: There is no tooth rule.
  15. Health: Health papers are not required.Any animal withabscesses will NOT be allowed to remain on the fairgrounds.Goats must be free from external parasites, ringworm andwarts.
  16. General Rules: Review the General Rules and Regulationsfor all exhibitors and animals listed elsewhere in thispublication. These rules and regulations will apply in the doe show.
  17. Exhibitor will receive one pass and can purchase up to two additional for $10.00 each.
    ENTRY FORMFOR ALL LIVESTOCK ENTRIES(Except Poultry, Sheep and Horses)Exhibitor __________________________________4-H Club or FFA Chapter ____________________________ Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________Zip Code _________________________________Phone # __________________________________Division __________________________________Breed ____________________________________Date of Birth (Imperative) ____________________Class ____________________________________Exhibitor’sSignature _________________________________Check each departments for address entry forms should be mailed to.(If additional entry forms are needed, this form may be duplicated.)
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Breeding Doe Show 2018
Sept 01, 2018
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