Canning & Preserving

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Canning & Preserving

Date: Aug 29, 2018
Chairperson: Denise Winter

One Entry Per Class

Check-in time: Monday, August 20, from 4:00 - 7:00 pm and Tuesday, August 21, from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.

USDA Canning and Preserving Guidelines available at Texas AgriLife Extension Office of Fayette County

  1. Canned products should be prepared and processed according to the current USDA/Extension Service information.
  2. All canned displays must be in standard-make canning jars with standard lids, unless other containers are specified (as bottles for the fruit juices). Mayonnaise jars will not be accepted.
  3. Artificial pectin may be used in making the jelly exhibits.
  4. Any exhibit not listed but merits award will be accepted.
  5. Items will be disqualified if they are moldy or appear spoiled or not properly sealed. Rusty lids and screw tops are not accepted.

VEGETABLES (1/2 Pints, Pints or Quarts)
E-1 Asparagus E-12 Any Shelled Variety of Peas
E-2 Okra and Tomatoes E-13 Greens
E-3 Yellow Wax Beans E-14 Pinto Beans
E-4 Green Snap Beans E-15 Lima Beans
E-5 Field Peas (1/4 snap, 3/4 shelled) E-16 Gumbo
E-6 Corn (pints only) E-17 Tomatoes
E-7 Carrots E-18 Solid Pack Tomatoes
E-8 Sauerkraut E-19 Miscellaneous
E-9 Beets
E-10 Squash
E-11 Potatoes
FRUIT (1/2 Pints, Pints or Quarts)
E-20 Pineapple (Crushed, Sliced, Chunk) E-26 Grapes
E-21 Peaches (Whole, Quartered, Halves) E-27 Figs
E-22 Pears (Whole, Quartered, Halves) E-28 Strawberries
E-23 Plums E-29 Dewberries
E-24 Mixed Fruit E-30 Blackberries
E-25 Exotic Fruit (kiwi, mango, etc.) E-31 Miscellaneous
(1/2 Pint and Pint)

E-32 Peach E-39 Apple
E-33 Blackberry E-40 Grape
E-34 Dewberry E-41 Strawberry
E-35 Pineapple E-42 Tomato
E-36 Plum E-43 Mixed Fruit
E-37 Pear E-44 Mixed Berries
E-38 Fig E-45 Exotic Fruit (kiwi, mango, etc)
E-46 Miscellaneous

JELLY (1/2 Pints, Pints and
Standard Jelly Glasses with Lids)
E-47 Apple E-53 Peach
E-48 Plum E-54 Tomato
E-49 Berry (any kind) E-55 JalapeƱo
E-50 Fig E-56 Mixed Fruit
E-51 Grape E-57 Miscellaneous
E-52 Exotic Fruit (kiwi, mango, etc.)
PICKLES AND RELISHES (1/2 Pints, Pints and Quarts)
E-58 Sweet Pickles E-70 Pickled Squash
E-59 Sour Pickles E-71 Pickled Vegetables (3-8 vegetables)
E-60 Dill Pickles E-72 Sweet Pickled Fruit
E-61 Hot Dill Pickles E-73 Vegetable Relish (3-8 vegetables)
E-62 Mixed Pickles E-74 Pepper Relish
E-63 Bread and Butter Pickles E-75 Pear Relish
E-64 Pickled Green Tomatoes E-76 Tomato Relish
E-65 Pickled Beets E-77 Chow Chow
E-66 Pickled Onions E-78 Miscellaneous
E-67 Pickled Peppers
E-68 Pickled Okra
E-69 Pickled Beans
E-79 Picante Sauce E-84 Hot Spicy Salsa
E-80 Sweet Sauce E-85 Sweet Salsa
E-81 Hot Sauce E-86 Miscellaneous Salsa
E-82 Bar-B-Q Sauce
E-83 Miscellaneous Sauce
E-87 Juice (Pints, Quarts or Bottles) E-91 Flavored Vinegars
E-88 Ketchup (Pints, Quarts or Bottles) E-92 Syrups
E-89 Soup Stock (Pints, Quarts) E-93 Dried Noodles
E-90 Soup E-94 Miscellaneous

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