General Culinary

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General Culinary

Date: Aug 30 - Sept 02, 2018


Noreen Dopslauf

(One Entry Per Class)

Check-in Entries August 29 – 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

CHECK-OUT ENTRIES Monday, September 3, 2018 - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon


1. Food items will be judged on the basis of quality, texture, appearance, and flavor characteristics of its particular class.

2. Fayette County Fair shall not be responsible for any container in which food is entered.Therefore, it is recom mended that non-breakable, disposable containers be used.

  1. TWO (2) COPIES of the recipe, one on a white 4”x6” card and one on 81/2” x 11” paper, name on bottom, to be put in recipe book.These MUST accompany each entry.Recipes will be stapled to entry tag at check-in.Entries not having a recipe will be disqualified.Do not write exhibitor’s name on recipe card.
  2. All foods must be covered with plastic wrap prior to check in.Clear plastic bags are recommended for cookies, candies and other items, if practical.5. All foods must be made by the exhibitor. 6. FOODS REQUIRING REFRIGERATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (including cream cheese or sour cream frostings and fillings, puddings, meringue pies, cream fillings, cheesecake and other foods requiring refrigeration).7. All foods shall stay on exhibit until the release time or until sold.Exhibitors may not remove ribbons, etc. until release time.Gingerbread houses and decorated cakes are not forsale.
  1. Exhibitors may designate at check-in time if they wish to sell their food entry.All funds generated from this sale will go to the exhibitor.Items not for sale may be picked up Thursday.
  2. Check-in time for baked items is 4:00 - 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 29, 2018ONLY!
  3. Recipes will be placed in a cookbook form.Each culinary exhibitor will receive one (1) Free copy with additional copies available for sale.
  4. ALTERED RECIPES are made with mixes (Bis-quik, puddings, breads, packaged foods, etc.)CAKE CLASSES:
    1. Fruit/Vegetable Layer Cake
    2. Chocolate Layer Cake
    3. Other Layer Cake (White, Spice, Yellow, etc.)
    4. Pound Cake (Bundt or Loaf Pan)
    5. Foam Cake (Angel, Sponge, Chiffon)
    6. Cupcakes (6 Pieces per Entry)
    7. Sheet Cake
    8. Gluten free Cake
    9. Gluten free CupcakesPIE CLASSES:
    10. Fruit
    11. Fried Pie with Fruit Filling (6 Pieces per Entry)
    12. Nut Pies
    13. Cobblers
    14. Gluten free Pies/CobblersCOOKIE CLASSES – 12 on a plate/one in a baggie:
    15. Brownies, Any Type
    16. Other Bar
    17. Drop
    18. Refrigerator
    19. Shaped/Rolled
    20. Other Cookies (Filled, Pressed, Iced, Etc.)D-21 Gluten free CookiesCANDY CLASSES – 12 on a plate/one in a baggie:
    1. Chocolate Fudge
    2. Other Fudge
    3. Divinity
    4. Candy Cooked in Microwave
    5. Other Candy (Peanut Brittle, Pralines, etc.)QUICK BREAD CLASSES (NO YEAST):
    6. Quick Bread Muffins (12 Pieces per Entry)
    7. Loaf Quick Breads with Fruit
    8. Loaf Quick Breads with Vegetable (Zucchini, Pumpkin, Carrot, etc.)
    9. Biscuits (12 Pieces per Entry)
    10. Coffee Cake (No Yeast)
    11. Other Loaf Quick Breads (Poppyseed, Combination, Fruit/Vegetable, etc.)
    12. Gluten free Quick Breads
    13. Gluten free Muffins
    14. Gluten free BiscuitsD-36 Gluten free Coffee CakeBREAD CLASSES:
    1. Loaf of Bread
    2. Yeast Rolls (12 Pieces per Entry)
    3. Sweet Yeast Rolls (12 Pieces per Entry)
    4. Kolaches (12 Pieces per Entry)
    5. Coffee Cake
    6. Biscuits (with yeast) (12 Pieces per Entry)
    7. Strudel
    8. Other Yeast Breads
    9. Gluten free Breads
    10. Gluten free Rolls
    11. Gluten free StrudelSPECIAL CLASSES:
    12. Decorated Cookie (All Age Groups) 4 to 6 per plate
    13. Decorated Gingerbread House (All Age Groups)
    14. Decorated Gingerbread Cookie (All Age Groups) 4 to 6 per plateD-51 Decorated Cakes (All Age Groups) – will not be cut…may be a styrofoam base D-52 All otherALTERED RECIPES: OOPS:
    1. Cake D-55Bread D-57Cake D-60Cookies
    2. Pie D-56Cookies D-58 Pie D-61All Other D-59 Bread
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