Poultry Show

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Poultry Show 2018

Date: Aug 31 - Sept 01, 2018
Competition is open to Texas Breeders Only
Coop-In: Friday, August 31, 2018, 4 pm - 8 pm or Saturday, September 1, 2018, 7 am - 9 am.
Birds must be in place by 9 am.


1. Each exhibitor MUST furnish a current PT Testing Report and any other state regulation forms currently in effect to show officials. This must be presented with entry form and fees. The testing agent for Fayette County is Dan Dykes 979-450-5418, e-mail - ddykes@tvmdl.tamu.edu.

2. Only PURE BRED birds of breeds recognized by the APA and ABA can be entered. Bantam and large fowl chickens, bantam ducks, large ducks, geese, turkeys, and guineas will be accepted.

3. Entry Fee is $3.00 per single entry. Entry fee and health papers must accompany entry. Make checks payable to Fayette County Fair Association. Entry deadline is August 19, 2018. Late entry fee is $5.00 per single entry. There are no refunds on entry fees.

4. Diseased birds will be removed from showroom by owner and show officials.

5. Feed and water will be provided. Committee will feed and water birds if requested.

6. Disclaimer: The Fayette County Fair Association and The Poultry Committee cannot be held responsible for personal items or property losses due to accidents, fire, theft or natural disaster.

7. There will be one (1) “day pass” issued per exhibitor. Two (2) additional day passes are available for other family members for $10.00 each.

8. The terms cock, cockerel, hen, and pullet, are thus defined: Cock– male over one year; cockerel– male under one year; hen– female over one year; pullet– female under one year.

Show Superintendent: Jesse McDaniel

9. Awards: Champion of Show - $35.00 Reserve Champion of Show - $20.00 Champion Standard Bird - $30.00 Reserve Champion Standard Bird - $15.00 Champion Bantam - $30.00
Reserve Champion Bantam - $15.00 Champion Game Bird - $30 Reserve Champion Game Bird - $15 Champion Waterfowl - $30 Reserve Champion Waterfowl - $15 Champion Backyard - $20 Reserve Champion Backyard - $10 Junior Champion - $20 Junior Reserve Champion - $10

10. Release: Birds will be released on September 1, 2018, at 5 pm. 11. Due to regulations and space requirements, there will be NO SALES PERMITTED AT THE SHOW.

Fayette County Fair Poultry Show
Attn. Jesse McDaniel
840 N. Jefferson St. La Grange, Texas 78945
Phone: 713-408-3919

Fayette County Fair Poultry Entry Form Entry fee $3.00
Late Entry: $5.00
B S BY G JR Variety Breed C H K P
B – Bantam C – Cock S – Standard H – Hen BY – Backyard K – Cockerel G – Game P – Pullet JR – Junior
Mail entries to: Fayette County Fair Poultry Show
Jesse McDaniel
840 N. Jefferson St. La Grange, Texas 78945
Phone: 713-408-3919
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