Horse Project Show
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Horse Project Show

Date: Sept 01, 2019

Horse Entry Form

Horse Project Show Rules and Regulations

Committee Chairman: Tina Kallus

Committee Members: Jeremy Finch DVM, Megan Gallenbeck, Cheyenne White, Kelly Haas, Candice Baptiste

To provide youth the opportunity–
1. To set personal goals.
2. To show one’s pride in himself and his horse.
3. To work together as a team with other project members.
4. To demonstrate good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and responsibility for his horse’s care.
5. To learn and apply sound nutritional, hoof, health, horsemanship, and record keeping practices.
6. To provide a continuing program for exercise, fitness and conditioning.
7. To install knowledge of proper grooming and handling of a horse to assure that each horse will reach its ultimate growth potential.
8. To demonstrate a knowledge of showmanship and horsemanship in order to exhibit the horse to its best advantage. Classes offered at the fair, will be as followed:
Halter Geldings 4 & under, 5 & over,
Halter Mares 4 & under, 5 & over,
Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, and Stock Horse Pleasure.
Also there will be an Equine Quiz, Boot Race, and Stick Horse Race; these classes DO NOT REQUIRE a horse so open to all youth that want to compete.
Classes will be offered in the following divisions: Pee Wee: (3yrs old to 2nd grade): must be assisted by a person 18 yrs. or older, Junior (3rd grade – 8th grade), Senior (9th – 12th grade) Exhibitor & General Show Rules:
1. All equine entries and exhibitors are subject to the General Rules and Regulations of the Fayette County Fair.
2. Horse Show entries are for boys and girls ages as defined above, who are residents of Fayette County and the adjacent 8 counties. The adjacent counties are Lee, Washington, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, Gonzales, Caldwell, & Bastrop.
3. The entry fees are as follows: $15.00/class for Fayette County exhibitors (following classes Halter, Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, & Stock Horse Pleasure) $20.00/ class for out of county exhibitors. These entries are due/ postmarked August 1, 2019
Mail to: Tina Kallus, Committee Chairperson, 245 McCormick Rd. Fayetteville, Texas 78940
contact # 979-966-3639 text or message.
The Equine Quiz, Boot Race, and Stick Horse Race will be entered the day of the show.
4. Judging of the horse show will
5. All horses will be stalled on sand. No hay, straw or shavings of any kind may be used for bedding under the barn. Exhibitors will be required to keep their space, isles and stalls in clean and sanitary condition by removing all filth and litter and place it at designated areas. A fee of $50.00 per stall will be assessed if the exhibitor’s space is not properly cleaned. Stalls will be assigned upon arrival.
6. A current Negative Coggins and your horses current shot record will need to be on file for all horse entries and horse must be sound and in good health upon arrival at the Fairgrounds for the fair. NO HEALTH CERTIFICATE IS NEEDED FOR FAIR.
7. Halter judging will be based on the horse only. Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, and Stock Horse Pleasure and performance events.
8. An exhibitor may NOT be assisted by any other person in the show ring, except in the Pee Wee classes where adult assistance is required.
9. When an exhibitor, exhibitor’s parent, or person representing an exhibitor is guilty of poor sportsmanship or rude behavior, the show management and/or judge may suspend such exhibitor’s rights to participate in the class and/or future classes for such a period as deemed appropriate.
10. A show official (show committee person or judge) may disqualify any horse or exhibitor from the competition for bad, unruly, and/or dangerous behavior.
11. Unsoundness may be penalized at the discretion of the judge. This decision is NOT subject to protest.
12. All horses must be shown free of a prohibited substance (medication), the use of any stimulants or depressants is prohibited. Any surgical procedure or drug that could affect a horse’s performance or alter its natural conformation is prohibited. Only NSAIDs prescribed by a licensed veterinarian are allowed (Ex: Phenylbutazone is legal.) if found exhibitor will forfeit any and all awards. A prohibited substance is defined as any stimulates depressant, tranquilizer, or local anesthetic, which may affect the performance of a horse.
13. Class information (patterns, order, rules, and numbers) will be handed out when checked in and posted before class starting time in a designated location close to the arena. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to be aware that this information is posted.
14. The show will be conducted according to Texas State 4-H Horse Show & AQHA rules and regulations where applicable.
15. There will be a few clinics offered before the fair. Some will be free clinics and some will have a set fee. Refer to our Facebook page Fayette County Fair Horse Show for the dates and times.
16. The Fayette County Fair reserves, to its Horse Show Committee, final and absolute right to interpret rules and regulations.
17. The Fayette County Fair will not be held legally responsible for any damages or injuries to any persons, personal properties, exhibitors, exhibits or livestock exhibited at the fair. Awards Halter classes: Prizes will be awarded, for each class, with a Grand and Reserve Champion being awarded for Geldings and Mares. Showmanship classes: Prizes will be awarded Western Horsemanship classes: Prizes will be awarded Stock Horse Pleasure classes: Prizes will be awarded Equine Quiz, Boot Race, & Stick Horse Race: will receive Rosettes and ribbons. The Equine Quiz, Boot Race and Stick Horse Race sign up the day of the show. OPEN TO ALL YOUTH ATTENDING THE FAYETTE COUNTY FAIR HORSE SHOW. Equine Quiz Quiz will be offered in the following divisions: Junior (3rd grade – 8th grade), Senior (9th – 12th grade)
1. The Questions will follow a multiple choice and true/false format.
2. Subject matter will cover general knowledge, management, training, showing, and use of horses, in addition to other areas of the horse industry.
3. The Quiz will be taken at 1:30 pm on Sunday September 1, 2019. Junior and Senior Quiz will be taken at the same time, and the quiz is limited to 30 minutes.
4. In the event of a tie, the contestants will be given 1-5 questions that are not listed in the original packet.
5. Example questions will be available in the Horse Show Rules Packet, contact Tina Kallus at 979-966-3639.
6. The Entry Fee for the Quiz is $5.00 for Fayette County exhibitors and $10.00 for adjacent county exhibitors. Boot Race Age groups are as follows; 4 & under, 5-7, 3rd grade to 8th, 9th to 12th Contestants remove their boots and boots are taken to an area in the arena and mixed up. There is a start/finish line contestants line up and are sent away to find their boots, put them on the correct feet then run back across the finish line. The Entry Fee for the Boot Race is $5.00. Stick Horse Race Age groups are as follows; 4 & under, 5-7, 3rd grade to 8th, 9th to 12th There are 4 cones placed in the arena, racers line up onstart/ finish line and start. They race around the 4 cones counter clockwise and across the finish line. The Entry Fee for the Stick Horse Race is $15.00 which includes a stick horse for the contestants to keep. For a complete packet with all of the rules, class descriptions, and quiz question study guide: contact Tina Kallus at 979-966-3639, or on the Facebook page at the following link after June 1, 2019.
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