Lamb Prospect Show
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Lamb Prospect Show

Date: Aug 31, 2019
Lamb Prospect Show
(This is not a sanctioned show)
Entry Fee – $15 (Due at check-in)
CHAIRPERSON: Shannon Hemmitt
Exhibitor Eligibility – Junior Exhibitors in Texas
COMMITTEE: Brittani Otto, Angie Emshoff, Jerry Emshoff, Michael Daniel, Brian Kubala, Rachel Kubala, Karolyn Mau, McKenna Schulz, Payton Hemmitt, Keelan Daniel
LAMB SHOW –Saturday, August 31 8:00 a.m. – Lambs begin to Arrive and Weigh In 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. – Lamb Check In and Weigh In 9:00 a.m. – Weight cards due to the Livestock Office 10:30 a.m. – Lamb Show will begin (show order follows)–
Senior Lamb Showmanship (14-19 years old)
Junior Lamb Showmanship (8-13 years old)
Pee Wee Showmanship– Non Jackpot, prize only (7 years and younger)
Lamb Show (Southdown, Fine Wool (51% Fine Wool +/ Fine Wool Cross), Medium Wool, Other) (Lambs will release after showing) *Showmanship ages determined as of 8-31-19.
1. All entries in this department are subject to the General Rules and Regulations as listed in this catalog.
2. For Texas Animal Health Commission Regulations see General Rules.
3. All sheep must be in place by 9:00 a.m. Saturday. Pens available on a first come, first serve basis. The sheep committee reserves the right to pen a minimum of three head per pen if needed. Only pelleted shavings allowed in the barn.
4. Lambs may be shown “out of the trailer.” Parking of trailers is not guaranteed within the fence of the livestock area.
5. No Maximum or Minimum Weights (All animals will be weighed by show committee. No weigh back.)
6. No Shearing allowed on the grounds.
7. Slick shorn above the knees and hocks. Judge: TBD 18 189
9. Lambs will be released after all judging is completed.
10. Animals will be shown by breed. Five (5) head constitute a breed with the exception of other. If breed is not made, lambs will be shown together in an “other” division by weight. Exhibitor must indicate the breed of each entry on weight cards and lambs will be classified at the time of judging. Final classification will be at the discretion of the judge.
11. Lambs will be shown by weight in respective classes. Grand and Reserve Champion will be chosen in each breed.
12. Overall Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be chosen.
13. Sheep brought out for showmanship must be owned by exhibitor and have been shown in the Market Lamb Prospect Show.
14. The sheep committee reserves the right to make final decisions concerning interpretations of any or all rules.
15. Exhibitors will receive one pass and can purchase up to two additional for $10.00 each.
16. There will be Junior and Senior Jackpot Showmanship Divisions for Lambs. $10.00 Entry Fee will be collected upon entering show ring. 100% of showmanship fees will be paid back to 1st and 2nd places in each division.
17. Premiums will be paid back for places 1-3 in each weight class. 60% of gross fees are minimum payout. Ribbons for all placing lambs.
18. Overall Champion and Reserve Champion – Banner and Belt Buckle
19. Grand and Reserve Division Champions – Banner and Prize

For more forms or information contact: Shannon Hemmitt 979/639-1776 or Cheryl Otto 979/966-3677
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