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Date: Aug 29 - Sept 01, 2019
Sondra Cooper & Susie Jackson (No limit on entries)
The majority of the work must be done by hand– not by machine. All Entries will be judged by age groups as listed in General Rules.
1. Needlework items are those items fashioned from fiber, yarn, or fabric materials, using various stitches, knots or weaving, etc. 2. Articles will be judged on the quality of workmanship according to the techniques used considering general appearance, construction techniques and suitability of materials.
3. WALL HANGINGS SHOULD BE FRAMED OR MATTED FOR FRAMING WITH A WIRE AND HOOK AND EYE, if applicable. Handmade or commercial frames may be used.
4. If there are sufficient entries, classes may be separated into original and kit. In classes 1 - 12, please indicate on entry form and at time of check-in if item is a kit or original design.
5. If there are sufficient entries, pictures using applique, candlewick, crewel, crosstitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and needlepunch techniques may be subdivided for judging into sizes. Sizes excluding mat and frame are: A. Smaller than 8 x 10 inches B. 8 x 10 to 16 x 20 inches C. Larger than 16 x 20 EMBROIDERY
C-1 Crewel Embroidery
C-2 Counted Cross Stitch – Worked pattern less than 64 square inches
C-3 Counted Cross Stitch – Worked pattern greater than 64 square inches
C-4 Canvas Embroidery (Needlepoint) – Less than 18 stitches per inch 40 401
C-5 Petit Point – Equal to or greater than 22 stitches per inch
C-6 Printed pattern Cross Stitch
C-8 Smocking
C-9 General Embroidery
C-10 Candlewicking
C-11 Plastic Canvas
C-12 Samplers
C-14 Other Decorated Items
C-15 Pillow
C-16 Toy or Doll
C-17 Other Textile Crafts (Tatting, Macrame, Soft Sculpture, Cutwork, etc.)
C-18 Personal Accessories (Necklace, Collars, Bows, etc.)
C-19 Jewelry
C-20 Unique Recycled Arts and Crafts
C-21 Holiday Corner (Christmas Tree Skirts, Stockings, Wreaths, etc.)
C-22 Braided Rugs
C-23 Hooked Rugs CROCHET
C-24 Crochet Sweater - Adult
C-25 Crochet Sweater - Child
C-26 Crochet Baby Clothing
C-27 Crochet Adult Clothing
C-28 Crochet Afghan
C-29 Crochet Personal Accessories
C-30 Crochet Home Accessories
C-31 Crochet Lace Items
C-32 Miscellaneous Crochet Items
C-33 Hand Knit Sweater - Adult
C-34 Hand Knit Sweater - Child
C-35 Hand Knit Afghan
C-36 Hand Knit Baby Clothing
C-37 Hand Knit Adult Clothing
C-38 Hand Knit Personal Accessories
C-39 Hand Knit Home Accessories
C-40 Miscellaneous Hand Knit
C-41 Lace Knitted Items
C-42 Loom Knitting Accessories
C-43 Machine Knit Items WEAVING
C-44 Woven Personal Accessories
C-45 Woven Home Accessories
C-46 Miscellaneous Woven Items SPINNING
C-47 Plant-Based Fiber Yarn
C-48 Animal-Based Fiber Yarn
C-49 Novelty Yarn FELTING
C-50 Felted Personal Accessories
C-51 Felted Home Accessories
C-52 Handbags and Totes
C-53 Toys and Children’s Items
C-54 Miscellaneous Felted Items
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