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Bier Garten Stage Entertainment 2024

More Bier Garten Entertainment coming soon!

The Bandits-Bier Garten Stage

Performance time: Friday, August 30, 2024

Aaron Gross-Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Bryan Gersch-Vocals, Bass Guitar
Jimmy Rohde-Drummer

Ty Walker-Bier Garten Stage

Performance time : Saturday, August 31, 2024-4-7 p.m.

"Texas country music enthusiast Ty Walker began singing and songwriting at only 11 years
old in his hometown of La Grange, TX. A few guitar lessons revealed a natural talent for
playing and performing, and somewhere along the way, a simple hobby became a way to
share stories with family, friends, and fans. Ty has written every one of his songs, many
inspired by his time at Texas A&M University. Ty is currently based in Austin, TX and ready
to make a name in the Texas country music scene. Ty’s singles, "Therapy," "Cigarettes",
“Yellow”, and “Favorite Book” have been streamed over 52,000 times. All four songs have
been added to Spotify's "Release Radar" playlist."

Royce Reed-Wrought Iron Stage

Performance time: Sunday, September 1, 2024-5:00-7:00 pm
"For 50 years Royce Reed has composed, recorded, and performed classic country blues, southern rock, western swing, rockabilly, & the soul music of the South. He lives in Georgetown, TX and performs primarily as a solo artist at listening rooms, craft breweries, wineries, retirement communities, and boutique hotels in Central Texas.

Royce has an extensive live performance background both as a solo artist and with bands. At the age of 6, he was riding a city bus across town to take classical piano lessons, eventually studying under jazz pianist Jac Murphy (made famous by the haunting intro to “Wildfire”, the Michael Martin Murphy hit ). From there it was a short jump to playing in southern rock and country bands in Texas honky-tonks and Oklahoma blues bars, where Royce honed his chops on boogie-woogie and blues shuffles, western swing, and rockabilly."

Barditch Hippies-Bier Garten Stage

Perfomance Time Sunday September 1-, 2024-7:30-9:30 pm and 11:30 pm-1 am

The Barditch Hippies are a Red Dirt Country band based out of Luling, Texas. The trio consists of husband and wife Brandon and Beverly Thompson on vocals and guitar. They are joined by Lead Guitarist Luke Leverett from New Braunfels TX. The Barditch Hippies released their debut self titled EP in 2021 with four songs produced by AJ Vallejo. The band was the 2020 winner of the Larry Joe Taylor - Rhymes and Vines songwriting competition and continues to tour Texas Live Music circuit.
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