Vino, Wein, Wine!
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Vino, Wein, Wine!

Vino! Wein! Wine!-Become a Vendor

We are currently looking for vendors for this new event. The event will take place Saturday, August 31st from 6pm until midnight and Sunday, September 1 from 6 pm until 11 pm. This event will take place in the EH Kitchen. If you are interested in booking a space sign up at Fayette County Fair 2024 | EventHub Showcase

Look under Book Event Space and fine Wine Vendor. A refundable $250.00 deposit is required. For additional information and rules email us at Fayette County Fair and your message will be forwarded to the committee. This event will use the Blast Pass-no cash or credit cards. You will be responsible for decorating your space. Local vendors will be received first. A portion of sales will go the Fayette County Fair.
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