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Friday, August 30


Friday, August 30

Oscar Ayala

Aaron Watson-Saturday, August 31-10 pm-11:30 pm

Aaron Watson is a man forever looking to the horizon. Where other artists might rest on their laurels, he consistently presses onward to the next frontier, cutting through lazy industry wisdom in favor of success won on his own terms. He is the first independent male country artist ever to debut an album at No. 1 on the Billboard Country chart, a feat recognized in the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has earned a litany of prestigious awards, hundreds of millions of streams on his music, shared the stage with country music legends Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple charities. This next chapter of his
trailblazing career sees him deep in the weeds on two projects: the first, an album of covers dedicated to his daughter; the second, a 2024-slated album of originals that promises to be his most daring and audacious release to date. “My goal is to put out the best country album in all of country music in 2024,” he says simply, “It sounds crazy, but then pretty much everything I’ve done sounded crazy until I did it.” Watson hails from Amarillo in West Texas and began writing songs whilst still in high school. He began performing in college, eventually forming a band and developing a loyal following.
Despite being approached by major labels, Watson chose the road less traveled and released his work independently. This turned out to be the right call when his album “Real Good Time” charted in the top ten nationwide on Country Billboard. An unheard of feat at the time. With the taste of success fresh on his lips, Watson pushed onward and created “Underdog” which became the first Country album released independently to chart at number one. “People told us that it had never been done. It was impossible. I don’t put so much stock in that word anymore.”
Success built upon success with Watson’s follow up albums. However, 2020 heralded a slow
down for the artist by way of the COVID-19 pandemic and an unexpected vocal cord surgery.
“That time out reminded me what a blessing this is. To get to do what I love, sing the songs that I write and have people sing them along with me.” Watson was keen to get back to his fans, and to make them feel like a part of the family more than ever before. “Me and my thirteen year old daughter Jolee Kate had been talking a lot about music,
particularly female singers who write their own stuff. I wanted her to understand the power that comes with owning your own voice.” Out of those conversations came Cover Girl, a collection of covers of mold-breaking female country singers performed by Aaron, with his daughter joining him on vocals for one track. “I had no plans for the rest of the world to hear it, but the more people I told, the more people loved it. So we’re doing it as a full release, I’m so excited!”
Aaron Watson is nothing if not audacious, and his promise to fans that his next album of originals will be the best Country album of 2024 stands firm. By his own admission, the songs are, by-and-large, completed, yet Watson continues to push himself to make them better. "I love every second of what I get to do, but if making music is a marathon (and it is), I want to collapse to the ground the second after I cross the finish line. Nothing left to give." Aaron Watson is a
man constantly reaffirming his dedication to the craft of songwriting, and it is this commitment to quality and treating his fans with respect that has proved him, time and again, to be the living North Star for country music’s free and indomitable spirit.

Rick Trevino-Sunday, September 1-9:30 pm-11pm

Rick Trevino Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

During the mid-'90s, Rick Trevino emerged as one of the first popular Hispanic singers in country music since the mid-'70s, when Freddy Fender and Johnny Rodriguez were having hits. Beginning with "She Can't Say I Didn't Cry" in 1994, Trevino racked up several hits over the next few years with his Garth Brooks-inspired blend of new country and album rock.

Trevino was born into a musical family -- his father was a member of a local Tejano group. Both of his parents fostered his musical interests, and as a child, he listened to a variety of music, including Tejano, country, classical pianist Van Cliburn, and mainstream pop/rockers like Elton John and Billy Joel. Soon, he was taking classical piano lessons and studying the clarinet. After graduating from high school, he was offered a baseball scholarship to Memphis State University, but he declined the offer to study music.

n 1993, he released his first album, the Spanish-language Dos Mundos. It was accompanied by a single release of "Just Enough Rope," which was released in English, Spanish, and a bilingual version; it was the first traditional country single to be released in both Spanish and English. The English version was a moderate hit, reaching number 44. In 1994, Trevino released an eponymous album, which featured English versions of most of the songs from Dos Mundos, plus a few new cuts. Rick Trevino became a hit, producing the Top 40 "Honky Tonk Crowd" and the Top Ten singles "She Can't Say I Didn't Cry" and "Doctor Time."

Trevino's second album, Looking for the Light, was released in 1995; it was accompanied by a Spanish version. Like its predecessor, Looking for the Light was a hit, albeit not as big as the debut -- it only spawned one Top 40 hit, the number six "Bobbie Ann Mason." Learning as You Go, Trevino's third album, was released in 1996; Changing in Your Eyes followed two years later, and Mi Son was released in spring 2001.

Rick Trevino

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