New Food Court
Apply for the Fayette County Fair Scholarship by April 2nd. 20 $1000.00 scholarships will be awarded.
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New Food Court

The Fair Association is excited that plans are underway for the new Food Court. Preliminary plans are taking place now. Updates will be made on this page as the project progresses.

The procedure is:

A) The association gets the final design and engineering approved by the city of La Grange.

B) The association request bids from various contractors for the construction and completion of the project.

C) The bids are reviewed and approved by the city and a contract signed.

D) The association takes bids for the dismantling of the German Czech Mart.

E) The association gets a permit from the city to dismantle the current food court.

F) The vendors are notified of the destruction of the building and asked to remove their organizations property.

G) The removal and construction of the New Food Court will begin.

If you would like to donate you may do so through the matching funds program at Fayette Savings. Thank you for your support!

Finances of the Fair Association

The Fair Association budgets for future entertainment. Often rumors start that the fair has not been in the black since ZZ Top was here. The only years when the Fair Association didn’t have much income were the years hurricane Harvey tormented our county and the year Covid was prevalent. During those years there was no carnival or entertainment, and a very scaled back fair. Although those years were lean, the Fair Association continued to give twenty $1000.00 scholarships to graduating county seniors. The Fayette County Fair Association is financially stable and we continue to maintain the fairgrounds throughout the year. We are also able to pay the deposit on entertainment for the upcoming fair, even before one season pass has been sold.

The Fair Association budgets entertainment that will be affordable for the association and more importantly the patrons of the fair. Booking the "top forty" bands would cause serious price increases to the season pass price and daily prices. Our fair is not able to charge separately for the general fair and the entertainment. The Fayette County Fair is not just a venue for entertainment but a traditional county fair with something for everyone and a continued commitment to the education of youth in our county.

We are already planning for the 100th anniversary celebration coming up in a few years. The Fayette County Fair Association thanks you for your support and looks forward to seeing everyone in the future! Would you like to volunteer? Watch the webpage for volunteer opportunities during the upcoming year.
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